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Drop off your NCAA Tournament Bracket by March 17th to receive a FREE DRINK or email it in to and be eligible to win the Best Overall Bracket Prize and the Perfect Bracket Grand Prize! Each week you’ll be able to enter a Revised Bracket to be eligible to win a weekly prize!


  1. Only one bracket entry per person per round.
  2. Each bracket must be filled out legibly and have the contestant’s name and phone number on it.
  3. Revised Brackets submitted each week can only be entered by those who also entered an original bracket by March 17th.
  4. Any ties will be decided by a random drawing.


Weekly Winners: Each week, the person with the most accurate predictions for that round in the NCAA tournament will win a prize.

Best Overall Bracket Prize: The person who has the most accurate Bracket entered by March 17th will win 2 FREE RIBEYES and 2 FREE FILETS and the coveted TMP Golden Steer Trophy!

Perfect Bracket Grand Prize: The person who enters a perfect Bracket by March 17th will win 2 FREE STEAKS once a week FOR A YEAR!

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