Fairways and Greens

Fairways and Greens is a restaurant located in the Lincolnton Country Club on 2052 Country Club Road. We provide the fresh, high-quality meat and they provide the delicious preparation of the meal. Partnered together, we are proud to offer to you a meal that you won’t soon forget. Take a look at their menu and plan your trip today!

Tony’s Ice Cream

“Tony’s Ice Cream is a family-owned and family-run restaurant in downtown Gastonia, North Carolina. We offer great made-to-order food if you’re looking for a meal, or if you’re looking for a frozen treat, we make some of of the best home-made ice cream you’ll ever taste, and you’ll know it’s fresh because we make it right next door to the restaurant. We also sell our ice cream to stores and other restaurants all over the state, so you might be eating our delicious ice cream without even knowing it.”

We’re lucky enough to be one of the stores that Tony’s Ice Cream is partnering with. We love to be able to provide all your favorite ice cream treats by the pint and 1/2 gallon.

Walnut Creek

Good food, good stewardship, and excellent service. If these are our core values as The Meating Place, it’s no wonder we’ve partnered with a distributor who has shared them to a tee for over 40 years.

Walnut Creek, our source for Amish deli meats and cheeses and more, began as a cheese delivery service with a call to integrate Amish Mennonite values into everything they did. Mark Coblentz, president of Walnut Creek Foods, took over a cheese delivery route in 1977 with little more to his name than his aspiration.

His business, which consisted of a single delivery truck, eventually grew to include a huge brick and mortar location and wholesale to stores nationwide. What began as a very humble delivery route, through a strong work ethic, good stewardship, and uncompromising moral standards, became one of our favorite and most trusted partners.

We’re sure Mark Coblentz in 1977 would never have imagined his products blessing the tables and stomachs of the good people of Lincolnton, North Carolina. But we’re telling you: the Gouda and the maple cinnamon rolls are to die for, and we couldn’t imagine business without Walnut Creek.


For more information please visit http://www.walnutcreekfoods.com

Local Certified Angus Beef from Yon Family Farms

Our customers have blown us away with their support and kind words. We’ve seen you enjoy your steaks on social media and we’ve been paying attention to your five-star reviews on our filets and NY Strips. We’ve done the work to scour the area for the best cuts and selections and you’ve enjoyed our findings, and now we’re going to let you in on our secret.

So here it is: Certified Angus Beef from a local farmer. Complying with the highest standards set forth by Certified Angus Beef brand, Yon Family Farms in South Carolina produces top-tier beef that’s grass fed and grain finished. Since happy cows taste the best, the Yon family takes better care of their cows than they do themselves, and it shows.

The Yon family began farming in 1996, and while there may be easier ways to make a living, they say there’s none better. By working the farm, the family has learned to follow through on commitments and work together. Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean the cattle don’t need feeding, and their farm needs tending to on holidays just as any other day of the year.

Making sure their cattle live up to the rigid standards of the Certified Angus Beef brand isn’t easy, takes work, and requires dedication, things the three Yon children have come home to continue full time after graduating college. It’s important to them to raise the farm together and eat together at the end of the day. And you can practically taste the family values in the meat they produce.

For more information, visit www.yonfamilyfarms.com