“Laws are like sausages, it’s better not to see them being made.” – Otto von Bismark

Here at The Meating Place, we are unashamed of how our sausage is made! Like in all of our products, we are committed to quality ingredients in our sausage to ensure you get the best possible experience. For us, it’s all about what pig you use.

Different Names for Different Pigs

Pigs have different names. No, I’m not talking about Wilbur or Porky Pig.

Barrows (male) and Gilts (female) are younger hogs that are used for most of your cuts of meat. Because they are 6-8 months old and around 175-250 lbs when they are processed, the meat they provide is tender and slightly marbled with fat. This gives you juicy pork chops and crispy bacon.

Boars (male) and Sow (female) are older hogs that are used to raise more pigs. The meat they provide is often low quality because of their age (around 3 years) and weight (around 700 lbs). It is overly fatty and tough. This is why sow meat is usually used for sausage. You can hide it among the spices.

Why We Don’t Use Sow Meat

We don’t use sow meat to make our sausages because it is simply a lower quality and less flavorful meat. We value the natural flavor of the pork and don’t want to hide it in the spices. The same pig we get our pork chops from is where we get our sausage. Trust us, you will be able to taste the difference!

Types of Sausage We Make

We butcher, season, and make all of our different sausages in-house. We offer Andouille, Chorizo, Kielbasa, Sweet and Zesty Italian Sausage, and breakfast sausage (ground, links, or patties). All of these sausages are only $5.50 or less per lb. While we may not always have the type you won’t in stock, we can have it ready for you if you call ahead!

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