Good food, good stewardship, and excellent service. If these are our core values as The Meating Place, it’s no wonder we’ve partnered with a distributor who has shared them to a tee for over 40 years.

Walnut Creek, our source for Amish deli meats and cheeses and more, began as a cheese delivery service with a call to integrate Amish Mennonite values into everything they did. Mark Coblentz, president of Walnut Creek Foods, took over a cheese delivery route in 1977 with little more to his name than his aspiration.

His business, which consisted of a single delivery truck, eventually grew to include a huge brick and mortar location and wholesale to stores nationwide. What began as a very humble delivery route, through a strong work ethic, good stewardship, and uncompromising moral standards, became one of our favorite and most trusted partners.

We’re sure Mark Coblentz in 1977 would never have imagined his products blessing the tables and stomachs of the good people of Lincolnton, North Carolina. But we’re telling you: the Gouda and the maple cinnamon rolls are to die for, and we couldn’t imagine business without Walnut Creek.


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